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♥ 002 - [Video] ♥

[The feed comes on, and a large amount of torn up parchment confetti sprinkles down in front of the lens in a glorious woosh! Emerging from the fluttering pieces stand our hero! Sou Tamaki! Prince of the great BIG smile!]

Greetings fellow residents of this land Demeleier!

I, Sou Tamaki, have studied the information on this device thoroughly and now, with the relevant knowledge at hand, I am ready to play my part in living amongst you! [Aren't you LUCKY!]

At first I was afraid, but now I see that my duty as a Host, no... As a MAN is to continue doing what I do best! So, I will be on the lookout for people to join me in the creation of an all new Demeleier branch of Host Club! I will explain everything to those who I know for sure will have a natural gift for this amazing chore career!

[Whether this person is mad or not is hard to tell, but it certainly seems that way. Tamaki has spent the last week or so reading back through the communication system, getting to know as much as he can, and getting a might scared in the process. Still, he can't be a coward, it's that what Tamaki's are for! So he has to do what he does best, and THAT my friends, is be a host.]

With that said, it's a pleasure to meet you all, ladies and gentlemen! [he scoops down, picks up the home made confetti and throws it again]

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Sorry to disappoint, but normally people are able to survive just on food, water and oxygen.


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To survive is to survive, but to live, really live, then happiness is as essential as any of those things.
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[ SHE IS but will never surrender to the idea of going to a host club. ]

And you say your host club will give people happiness?

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Making people happy and entertaining them is what a host club is all about! Have you never been to one, otome?
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Never saw the point in doing so, honestly.

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Then I will be sure you are the first guest to be seen to when I open the host club!!! You can not dislike something until you have tried it first after all!
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I don't need to experience something like that to know that I don't like it. I already know it.

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You may not need to know, but I DO!!!
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Do whatever you want. But leave me out of it.