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[The feed comes on, and a large amount of torn up parchment confetti sprinkles down in front of the lens in a glorious woosh! Emerging from the fluttering pieces stand our hero! Sou Tamaki! Prince of the great BIG smile!]

Greetings fellow residents of this land Demeleier!

I, Sou Tamaki, have studied the information on this device thoroughly and now, with the relevant knowledge at hand, I am ready to play my part in living amongst you! [Aren't you LUCKY!]

At first I was afraid, but now I see that my duty as a Host, no... As a MAN is to continue doing what I do best! So, I will be on the lookout for people to join me in the creation of an all new Demeleier branch of Host Club! I will explain everything to those who I know for sure will have a natural gift for this amazing chore career!

[Whether this person is mad or not is hard to tell, but it certainly seems that way. Tamaki has spent the last week or so reading back through the communication system, getting to know as much as he can, and getting a might scared in the process. Still, he can't be a coward, it's that what Tamaki's are for! So he has to do what he does best, and THAT my friends, is be a host.]

With that said, it's a pleasure to meet you all, ladies and gentlemen! [he scoops down, picks up the home made confetti and throws it again]

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[It's mostly snow falling and white sky that can be seen as the video transmission begins. There is no movement for a good five minutes, but the communication keeps going on. Then, abruptly, there is movement off to the side, the sound of shifting snow and a groan of confusion from Demeleiers newest arrival]

Kyoya? [A voice speaks gently and the person can be heard standing.]

Where am I?


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Player Name: Saku the Ku
Player LJ: [ profile] creatore_magico
Contact: E-MAIL: creatoremagico[at]googlemail[dot]com
AIM: destinomiarrendo
Character Number: 7th

Character: 須王 環, Suōh Tamaki

Fandom: Ouran High School Host Club - Anime

Personality: Tamaki comes from a world where life is charmed to the extreme. The rich lifestyle of the Sou family and it’s influence on Ouran High School make everyday life seem like a dream and the colourful stuff of fantasies seem real. Tamaki’s personality is a curious one; he seems to view the world through the eyes of a child experiencing everything as new and exciting whether it is an expensive cruise or just a simple cup of cheap instant coffee he’s never tried before. Tamaki takes joy in everything he does and spreads that happiness to others, even if he has to do so by force!
He is a person who despite hardships believes that anyone can be anything they want to be if they only try. He also believes a person should be who they want to be, not anything other than that. When it comes to him, he often can not hold himself to his wants for others, and while he is perceptive of people is excellent, when his own feelings are in question he is very naive.
Tamaki is a horder of happiness. When something or someone makes him happy he sucks them into his world and won’t let them leave. He wants to keep his loved ones as close as a family, and being that his own family is not that close to him, it isn’t at all surprising.
Drama and over reaction are as prone to him as breathing. Not a minute goes by it seems when this boy isn’t flamboyantly describing something, or howling with idiocy at something else. He’s especially animated and has no trouble communicating his feelings (or what he thinks are his feelings) loudly and clearly.
This boy has an inbuilt want to help everyone he comes across find happiness, usually in the most trivial seeming and unimportant areas.
He takes things to heart though, quite deeply, and if he feels he has done something wrong he will instantly remove himself in order to not wrong that person again. He can take a lot of blame upon himself in certain situations if he truly believes he is in the wrong.

History: [Wikipedia Information] [Animevice Information] - I will be taking Tamaki from the end of the Anime series.

Abilities: While Tamaki is a human boy, and henceforth has no ‘powers’ to speak of, he still has a rather long list of abilities. The chief one would be his imagination.
Tamaki creates magic wherever he goes and somehow manages to share it with everyone, even the most closed off of individuals. He is extremely perceptive of others (though naive when it comes to himself) and as such has a way with capturing people’s hearts. He could almost convince anyone of anything with those puppy dog eyes of his.
Tamaki has the talent of being able to dream big, and while he often let’s someone else (ie. Ōtori Kyōya) turn his ideas into reality it never ceases to be amazing what fantastically ridiculous things he will come up with.
He also has a way with the piano. Reducing hardened men to tears and making people fall in love with him all at a touch of the keys, Tamaki’s skills at the forte are nothing short of remarkable. While he is by no means the most skilled pianist in the world, his music has a way of reaching the soul.

Link to an image of the character: [1] [2] [3] [4]

Sample writing: Tamaki rubbed his aching neck as he stared down lovingly at his text book. He would have to get a massage later, he reminded himself, but for now he was busy.

Outwardly the book he was reading was a book on French history, nothing to merit such a warm smile. However inside there was something precious to the young heir of the Sou Family.

The picture was of several boys, all wearing the same blue uniform that belonged to Ouran Academy. The blonde ran his finger across the sheen of the photograph, stopping briefly on each of the boys and chuckling happily. The holiday was almost over and soon he’d be with his friends again. The host clubs grand reunion! He thought to himself, tightening a fist with gusto.

They could have a party, with a banquet and a petting zoo! A costume contest! Maybe even play some commoner games to make Haruhi feel more at home! Hikaru and Kouru could find out what sort of games she would enjoy, they were good at that sort of thing. All though… He wasn’t sure how much he approved of their ‘methods.’ He would have to think that one over.

There would need to be a lot of cake of too! Tamaki pictured a large one the height of Mori-San decorated in all the colours of spring flowers. Honey would be thrilled; his smile would light up the hearts of all present.

Kyoya of course would have to arrange everything, but Tamaki had absolute faith in his closest friend being able to accomplish anything he set out to do. The boy was sure if he asked Kyoya to fetch him the moon, after some initial complaining, he would go and get it for him.

It would be another good year at school, and who knew, maybe he’d even pluck up the courage to take Haruhi on a date! That’s the thought that was with him as he closed the book and turned out his bedroom light. He would dream of parties and costumes, and when he woke up he would be one day closer to returning to the Ouran Host Club.

Sample journal entry: [Audio] Mother! MOTHER! It’s gone! My bear! It’s vanished! [The voice on the phone sounds utterly distraught] It must have been kidnappers sent to bribe me! WHAT IF THEY SEND BACK TEDDY IN PIECES! [Tamaki can see it now, those villains shredding his beloved bear! Pulling out the fluff with evil grins on their shadowed faces!]

We have to do something! We need to assemble a team! Teddy must be recovered no matter what! Kyoya! Assemble the Ōtori secret police!!!

Practice Post is HERE!


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